Tanjina Islam's wonderful contribution in founding small entreprenures

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Dhaka Times Desk

Tanjina Islam is a very popular social media influencer in Bangladesh.She is serving as a brand ambassador also.Besides,she is a successful model in our country.she is a devoted  social activist also.

She started her journey right from her studies. Along with her working she completed her studies from Eden Mohilla College.  However, she wanted to use this social platform to do something for herself and thousands of girls!

Tanjina Islam opened a business group with different girls, where girls can earn from home for free, she used to meet with all those entrepreneurs! Through which many people had sales and promotions of millions amount.Apart from managing women's employment, Tanjina Islam  opened many groups for girls to hang out and eliminate depression! All groupings are very popular. Like S for sparrows, Sparrows shopping center, sparrows Vanity, Sparrows foodies.

Along with the popularity of the group, the popularity of Tanjina Islam also Grown-ups.  Due to which some brands and entrepreneurs want to work with her. Tanjina Islam sees the pressure of work in 2019 Tanjina Islam established a page "Tanjina Islam liraa. https://www.facebook.com/tanjinaliraofficial

Tanjina Islam presentation got huge appreciation and even during the pandemic period, a large number of brands demonstrated hope to work with her for her strong work ethics and passion,enthusiasms  towards her work.

Tanjina Islam didn't stop her remakable journey beyond this work, she attained  makeup courses from several  international makeup artists, and further enhanced her working skills. Tanjina Islam is a girl from an ordinary family, she faced a lot of difficulty in establishing her own identity and the identity of thousands of girls in this social media!

However,Tanjina Islam shines at trade industry as the face of Bangladesh and aspires to raise women to be like her.