Dr. Julfikar Ali honored with a prestigious literary award at the 'Bangali Literary Award-2023'

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Dr. Mohammed Julfikar Ali ( widely known as J. Ali) Honored with Prestigious Literary Award at 'Bangali Literary Award-2023'

[Dhaka, 26 November 2023] – Dr. Mohammed Julfikar Ali (widely known as J. Ali), highly respected for his exceptional work in Bengali short stories and diverse literary forms, received a prestigious award at the 'Bangali Literary Award-2023. Organized by a renowned book publisher 'Bangali,' the festival is a vibrant celebration of Bengali literature and its luminaries.


The prestigious ceremony, held at the esteemed Poet Sufia Kamal auditorium in the Bangladesh National Museum, Shahbagh, Dhaka, witnessed distinguished personalities from literature, art, and academia. Notably, the event was graced by the esteemed presence of Artist and Emeritus Professor Hashem Khan, who adorned the occasion as the Chief Guest of Honor.


The inauguration of this grand literary affair was led by the acclaimed Novelist Horishonkor Joldas, setting the tone for an evening dedicated to the richness of Bengali literary prowess. Enhancing the allure of the occasion, Poet Nasir Ahmed and Poet Faruq Mahmud graced the event as Special Guests, casting a radiant glow with their literary brilliance.


Moreover, the esteemed presence of Famous Dramatist Professor Dr. Ratan Siddiki, who presided over the program, added an aura of distinction to the evening's proceedings.


Dr. J. Ali's recognition for his exceptional literary contributions is a testament to his profound impact on Bengali literature, captivating audiences with his compelling narratives and insightful storytelling.


The 'Bangali Literary Award -2023' is a guiding light in nurturing literary brilliance and paying tribute to pioneers like Dr. J. Ali, who enrich the literary world with their creative brilliance and insightful vision.