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AI technology is continuously evolving, and Huawei is not only deeply involved in contributing to its development, but is also growing with it. Since the launch of the Kirin 970, the world’s first AI chipset, the company set the tone for what was only just the beginning of leading AI technology. Huawei’s drive for innovation continues to result in groundbreaking product development, showcasing first hand that AI is more than just a buzzword, but something that is helping consumers live better. When Huawei’s AI technology is applied to daily lives, specifically within smartphones, lives are madeeasier and smarter—because let’s face it, work-life balance is easier said than done and everyone appreciates a little bit of help.

For Huawei, Mobile AI is key to creating a better life for consumers through its devices—intelligence, cognition, security and power are at the forefront of it. Regarding intelligence, a device’s ability to sense is the foundation of AI, and the starting point for human-machine interaction. While sensing is the foundation for AI functionality, cognition is what will truly maximize the potential of intelligent AI. Greater quantities and types of data lead to greater intelligence. However, all this data can lead to new security and privacy challenges.  Additionally, as theseintelligent devices have to process tasks in more complex scenarios, they must have a powerful chip that can optimize the use of battery power and support dynamic task processing.

The recently launched HUAWEI Mate 20 Series is a shining example of Huawei’s advancements in AI. Powered by the Kirin 980, the devices get access to the AI processing capability of the Dual-NPU. On-Device AI goes beyond the camera and benefits also video and AR features. With EMUI 9.0, Kirin 970-based devices such as the HUAWEI P20 Series gets new AI features, too (some of which are cloud-based).


Through sophisticated AI, Huawei is helping make work more enjoyable, as day to day tasks become more manageable, and take less time. For instance, when people are working in a multicultural environment, there may be instances when they are trying to communicate with one another, but are held back by the dreaded language barrier. To help users overcome this, Huawei tailored an AI translation feature that is accessible via HiVision. Leveraging the cloud, the feature supports a wide range of translation use cases including multi-language translation and AR translation.

Outside first party AI features and applications, Huawei is also actively working to foster the growth of its developer ecosystem. One of the many developers that is making use Huawei’s On-Device AI capabilities is Kingsoft. Its WPS Office software taps into the AI capabilities of Huawei’s devices to give itself a few handy features, including image orientation adjustment, optical character recognition and resolution optimization.

People refer their smartphones as “daily drivers” because these smart devicesare what enable them to be productive. Among the tasks that people rely their smartphones on, such as reading emails and browsing the web, many of them can benefit from a larger external display every now and then. EMUI 9.0 brings upgraded features to Easy Projection, the feature that allowed users to connect devices to larger displays. This ultimately resulted in increased productivity and workflow across employees and office spaces.  Wireless upgrades brought Wireless Easy Projection that EMUI 9.0 users can access to One-Click Projection, and Highlight and Capture on Big Screen features allows for users to conveniently add highlights to and capture content projected on TVs and other larger screens.


Life as we know it can be busy and stressful, and there are never as many hours in the day as we need. But life is also filled with adventure and fun, and through AI technology, Huawei of course, is making life even better.

Huawei’s HiVision is the ideal travel companion. By pointing the camera to an object, users are connected to descriptions and backgrounds sourced from a connected cloud of landmarks from 15 countries around the world. HiVision can also be used to pair items with retail outlets. Using HiVision, users can use the camera to scan items and buy them online, on the spot. This works in concert with HiTouch to help users utilize AI to shop online. Currently these two features are connected to more than 200 global eCommerce platforms and about 100 brands’official online stores, giving users more than 120 million items to choose from.

For users that are monitoring their diet, especially while traveling and sampling local foods, pointing the camera to a particular item will automatically prompt the estimated number of calories to appear, based on the AI-perceived weight of them dish. Currently the calorie counter feature on HiVision recognizes more than 100 different food items.

Besides HiVision and HiTouch, Huawei has also leveraged AI in camera related features. Perhaps most notably of them is Master AI, the automatic scene optimizer baked into Huawei’s devices. It uses AI to recognize objects and scenes, turning amateur work into masterpieces in mere seconds with no input required. With Spotlight Reel, a feature based on facial recognition and aesthetic scoring AI capabilities,users can easily create 10-second montages starring their subject of choice out of their videos . All they have to do is to choose their subject in the footage—the editing is taken care of by AI in the background.

Whilst Huawei has already introduced a bevy of powerful On-Device AI features, the age of mobile AI is still at its infancy, and much of its potential remains untapped. Huawei is committed to realizing that by investing in both On-Device and Cloud AI, as well as other productivity enhancing features. And for On-Device AI, Huawei will continue building upon the foundations of its NPU and EMUI mobile OS to bring about a brighter, smarter future. There’s much to look forward to in this space—stay tuned.

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