COVID-19: Call for Actions to Save Down syndrome Community in Bangladesh

Mizanur Rahman Jewel
 | প্রকাশিত : ৩০ এপ্রিল ২০২০, ২০:১৭

Down syndrome is not a disease or birth defect. It is, rather a blessing. Children born with an

extra chromosome have unique talents that are not acknowledged. People with Down

syndrome have ability and potentials which are not also recognized in most situations. With

proper care, assistance from the community and timely therapy and care- these children having

additional chromosome can be grown up as a normal human being. But due to lack of

awareness, negligence from family and exclusion from the community – these children cannot

develop their full potentials which are major threat for their proper development and


Down syndrome society of Bangladesh- a national platform for people with down syndrome, is

working across the country to ensure Rights, Social inclusion and employment opportunities for

people with Down syndrome in the country with its very inception as a socially committed

philanthropic organization. DSSB has tied-up with many renowned national and international

organizations to broaden and enhance its activities for their development and well-being. It is

now recognized as country spokesperson of Down syndrome international (DSi) and inclusion

international, UK by achieving affiliation of these two prominent organizations in the world.

The whole world is now facing the crisis of Covid-19. Bangladesh is not an exception in this

respect. The Corona Virus has spread to almost every region of the country in a very limited

time with thousands of infections and many casualties and death at the grassroots and national

level. In the prevailing pandemic and lock-down situation all over the country, children, adults

and people with Down syndrome are at highest risk and vulnerability due to their fragile health

condition and chromosomal attributes. In international level many organizations are working

intensively to ensure protection and livelihood for these people. But in our country, till now, in

the marginalized community, no collaborative steps is taken so far for their safeguarding in

government or private level. Therefore, it is high time to come forward to assist these

vulnerable people in the current catastrophe.

Communication and consultation with these family show that the low-income families of

people with Down syndrome are passing very miserable condition at family and community

level due to financial hardship, lack of available food stuffs and mental illness.

Our holy month of giving Ramadan has started already. Holy Ramadan teaches us the spirit of

giving and assistance for the poor and distressed neighbors and community members. In this

month of sacrifice and brotherhood, all kind hearted and rich people should come forward to

help them for their survival in this critical time of the nation. Moreover, corporate bodies,

national and international charities can play a vital role to alleviate their sufferings and

struggles. All should keep in mind that these people are also an integral part of the society and

inclusive sustainable development of the country is not possible leaving them behind.

Our little amount of support, collaboration, and goodwill can make their daily life happy and

comfortable. Spirit of holy Ramadan also teaches us to act for others.

Let us all come forward and extend our kind support for this vulnerable community to ensure a

better life for them so that they can actively contribute to develop the country with their

talents and skills.


Coordinator – Programme

Down Syndrome Society of Bangladesh

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