Two Research articles by Bangladeshi researcher Monwar were published in a famous Korean Journal

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Two research articles by Bangladeshi researcher Monwarul Islam Rebel have been published in the Journal of Asian Finance, Economics and Business. This is the journal published by the famous Korea Distribution Science Association of South Korea.This journal is an academic research journal listed in the "Scopus Indexed and Emerging Source Citations Index-ESCI".

Monwarul Islam, the founder of Bangladesh Digital Marketing Institute and a PhD researcher from Parul University ,Gujarat, India, has published two research articles in the famous Korean academic journal.

This study looks at the market orientation and gender of small and medium enterprises in Bangladesh. The study was conducted based on information provided by 233 entrepreneurs. Entitled "The Effect of Entrepreneurial Orientation, Market Orientation and Gender on Business Performance: An Empirical Study of SME's Bangladesh".

Dr. Atiqur Rahman was the lead researcher in the research team and small and medium enterprises of Bangladesh. He is currently an Associate Professor in the Department of Economics and Management at Jiujiang University,Jiujiang City,Jiangxi Province,China.

The researcher were Chi Mite, Teaching Assistant at the University of Zhejiang University , China, and Project Manager, International Office; Atiq Waqif, BBA Coordinator, International University of Scholars; Journalist Kaniz Fatema Luna.

Another research paper by Monowarul Islam, an associate member of the Bangladesh Economic Association, was published this year entitled “What Factors Do Motivate Employees at the Workplace, Addiction from Service Organizations”.

President of Dhaka University Financial Leadership Club (DUFLC) Shibli Nooman congratulated Monwarul Islam for his achievements in this academic research sector in a press release signed by him. The researcher was also formally greeted by the Central Committee of the Youth Career Institute.

In the context of the US Scopus International Impact Factor, the journal publishes indexes and rankings of research work. The impact factor of a journal means that articles published in that journal in the last one or two years have been used as a reference on an average once. And the higher the impact factor of a journal, the higher the quality of that journal.

International journals, on the other hand, are journals that publish quality research material from any country in the world, at least one-third of the total number of published articles must be from outside the country, and at least one-fourth of the members of the editorial board must be from abroad.

(Dhakatimes\16 May 2021\Rk)

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