Is coffee a blessing for your skin?

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Coffee was an Islamic invention. It was discovered by a Muslim named Kaldi in 15th century Ethiopia. It was first used by Sufis as an aid for zikr and worship at late nights. With its evolution in the industry, coffee has now entered the market as a revolutionary Halal superfood for skincare.

Coffee not only plays a vital role to kick start the mornings but it takes a great lot of care in protecting the skin from internal and external damage. Caffeine is known for its multiple benefits to boost our skin. As Caffeine has a smaller molecular structure, it penetrates into the skin easily.

Therefore, with proper formulation and effective ingredients, caffeine can do wonders to our skin. Following the current trend, Lafz, too brought its Caffeine serum in the market, which will be solving a wide range of skin problems.

There are a great number of reasons as to why one needs to go for Lafz caffeine serum. Just before beginning with the list, here is a brief introduction about Lafz - the most authentic halal brand. currently operating in Bangladesh and many other countries worldwide.

Their products are not only vegeterian but animal cruelty – free too. Apart from these, all ingredients are absolutely skin -friendly and halal. So, you can assure yourself about safe and pure skin care regimen. Grab yours:

Here are the list of benefits

1) Reduce ageing problems – As this face wash is enriched with Arabica coffee; we can easily reap the benefits of anti- inflammatory elements like flavonoids and polyphenols in coffee. These wonderful ingredients reduce wrinkles, fine lines and many other pre-mature signs of ageing.

2) Boosts collagen production- Arabica coffee has the natural power to stimulate production of collagen by regenerating new cells hence keeping skin tighter and firmer.

3) Protection against UV-rays damage – Caffeine is empowered to keep free radicals away thus keeping inflammation far away and blocks the sun rays to penetrate into deeper layers of skin.

4) Rejuvenates the skin- It keeps the skin alive by restoring its freshness every time you apply it on your skin. This adds to the healthy glow of your skin.

6) Removal of dark spots and blemishes- Aloe vera helps in keeping the skin hydrated and plays an amazing role in reducing scars and dark spots.

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