1000 people are having Iftar every day at Mastul Mehmankhana

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 | প্রকাশিত : ১৯ মার্চ ২০২৪, ১৯:০৩

Like every year, this Ramadan MASTUL Foundation is providing everyday over 1,000 Iftar meals to the fasting people from Mastul Mehmankhana. This initiative is for poor and low income people so that they can enjoy the traditions of Ramadan.

Since ramadan started, everyday thousands of people in different age are coming to have iftar meals in Mastul Mehmankhana located in Baroikhali Rayer Bazar area. The variety in the meals with limited budget , ensures there's something for everyone's taste.

A grocer located in Beribadh Rayerbazar come with his families in Mehmankhana since ramadan started. He commented ,Mehmankhana is the masiyah from Allah in my bad time. We whole family come and have our iftar meals together. I am in debt while puchasing the goods for my shop, and purchasing iftar for my family was impossible for me.

Kawsar, volunteer cook of the Mehmankhana going through a difficult situation. He said, everyday we are arraning iftar for 1000 fasting people every day but still many fasting people have to be turned away for lack of food. If we can't give food, we feel very bad seeing their faces but do nothing.

Rahima Khala another guest of Mastul Mehmankhana said " I live in the slum next to the Mehmankhana. As I grew old nobody give me job as a maid. This time I was wondering how I would do my iftar and Sehri. Allah has shown his mercy through Mehmankhana to the poor .

Raihan Rahman, Head of Communication of MASTUL Foundation said, We are trying to arrange Iftar for all these fasting people. We have planned of 1,000 iftars every day. But it appears that every day more than hundred of the fasting people have to go back. Due to lack of funds, we ourselves do not know how long we will be able to organize this iftar from the guest house. If you extend your hand of cooperation, we will be able to do it inshallah.

MASTUL Foundation is a charity registered by the Government of Bangladesh. MASTUL's main work is the burial-burial service project, through which more than 3000 bodies have been buried since the start of the corona. Mastul has its own school, madrasa and shelter home where there are more than hundred parentless/orphan/orphaned students in residential/non-residential mix. Apart from this, more than a thousand underprivileged talented students are being provided health, nutritious food, child rights and basic needs in project schools in some districts. Mastul Foundation has sewing training centers, computer training centers through which the underprivileged population is being empowered. Apart from this, more than 1000 people have been made self-reliant through the Zakat self-reliance project. Apart from this, there are Mastul Old Homes for old parents and Mastul Mehmankhana, from where hundreds of helpless low-income people are fed in one day.

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