Is all specialty for a section of the society?

Nawazeesh Muhammad Ali
 | প্রকাশিত : ০৪ ডিসেম্বর ২০১৭, ১৮:০৮

I read an article on the daily star recently  that says work place have poor toilet for women and women needs a better toilet. But the truth is that toilets are of the same conditions in work places for men and women. So if women wants equality to men (equal salary, equal working hours, equal working conditions something which they already have), why only enjoy the good things men enjoy and deny the hardships men endure? Thats not equality, thats women supremacist. Famous feminist Susan BA after going to jail was told that she does not need to do heavy works like male prisoners, but she said "I will do the same hard work as men, that is perfect equality". In Bangladesh no women given the death penalty have been executed so far, whereas men have and the crimes of those women were of the same magnitude as the men's. So whay should women be spared when men arent? Also some women complain about having to work as long as men in work places, they should be let go early because they are women. Statistics also show men get more heart disease than women for working longer and over time in work place than women do, as some work places a re biased towards women and allow them to leave early just because they are women. That is again women supremacist, and these groups seem to think for some reason women's life are more valuable than men. But men or women we are all humans, we all face the same problems, and just because we are of different genders doesn't mean one is better than the others. Women were oppressed in the past, that is the fault of the past generation, why should our generation be blamed? And if they want better toilet and equality, then they should stop demanding better toilets exclusively for women, and demand it for both men and women, because only women are not humans, both men and women are humans. Recently my older father around 53 age face a problem.He and my self coming form my university after finishing  of my class where I read.All on a sudden through overtaking our car was in problem with their bumper  around 9 pm.But all on a sudden in motor cycle two person cam -one is girl and one is boy.The boy threaten to kill both of us.We do not understand the reason.My father asked the boy to refrain from this sort of activities and asked for their identity.

Interesting is the girl is little bit drug addict and she wanted several times hug my father and my father went sharply-as she did not get scope .So I think the girl's motive is very poor and she wanted to false acquisition of violence.As such when my father called police and asked them that to check their identity whether they is Jongi -they flied way.The aggrieved person who created problem of  our car latter said to the police that these two bike riders he did not know.But earlier we found they are gossiping and cheat chat.In the world of equality each gender should get equal treatment and same respect to each other.I firmly believe that through equal opportunity the problem should be declined under our great leader Shiekh Hasina,Honorable Prime Minister of Bangladesh.She is a role model to us.Under her dynamic leadership,our courntry is becoming prosporeous.

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