Development of this country is happening only because Govt. of the Boat symbol is in the power: Dolon

Minhaz Islam Leo
| আপডেট : ১৫ ডিসেম্বর ২০১৭, ০১:০২ | প্রকাশিত : ১৫ ডিসেম্বর ২০১৭, ০০:৫৪

Krishak League Central Commitee’s Vice President Arifur Rahman Dolon said that the development of this country is happening only because the Government of the Boat symbol is in the power.

He said this on Friday afternoon while addressing the election meeting organized by 8 No Ward Awami League in Gopalpur Union of Alfadanga Upazila of Faridpur. The Meeting was held at Pabanbeg Mohanmadiya Nurani Hafezia Madrasa and Orphanage premises to make Awami League nominated Gopalpur UP Chairman candidate Enamul Hasan the winner with huge votes in the upcoming UP Election.

Mentioning Awami League Governments various Development activities Dolon told that the development of the country is happening only because the Government of the Boat symbol is in the driving seat. The country is going forward, which is quite visible. The amount of developments which is happening would not have been  possible if not the Govt. of the boat symbol was in the power. To continue this development trend the boat symbol must needs to win again.

The Chairman of the Kanchan Munshi Foundation also said that if the Boat Symbol’s  Chairman candidate gets elected then the development advances will be undeterred.

Infrastructural developments in this Union  including Roads, School-Colleges, Madrasas, Mosques-Temples, Cemeteries will be increased further. Our people will get harmed if a candidate of other symbol except Boat gets elected as the Chairman. If the boat symbol gets defeated then it would be quite  impossible to develop this area in the future. The Boat sign needs to be victorious in the interest of development.

The Editor of Dhaka Times and weekly Ei-Somoy further said that many says that this Boat symbol is not like the old one. I want to tell them that this Boat sign is the Boat sign of Bangabandhu. This Boat symbol is the Boat symbol of our freedom fighters. This Boat sign is Bangladesh Awami League’s Boat sign. This Boat symbol is the Boat symbol of Bangladesh Awami League’s President Sheikh Hasina. We need to keep confidence in the Boat symbol. On December 28, show this to our honorable Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina that the soil of Gopalpur Union is in reality Bangladesh Awami League’s base by giving your important votes to the Boat symbol.  

In the Chairmanship of former UP member Alhaz Munsur Ahmed, Faridpur District Council member and Member Secretary of District Krishak League Sheikh Shahidul Islam, Awami League nominated Gopalpur UP Chairman  candidate Enamul Hasan, Gopalpur Union Awami League’s President Moniruzzaman Iqu, General Secretary Shahidul Islam Mintu, Gopalpur UP Jubo League’s President Khan Amirul Islam and few others also went on to give their speeches in that meeting.


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