Roni Khan: Comes early in the list of successful entrepreneurs

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Roni Khan is the founder and CEO of Easy & Rapid. In this age of current technology, not everyone is chasing a job. Many people are becoming businessmen and career-oriented in their way by using their skills. One such young man is Roni Khan. He was born on December 13, 1985, in Kulpoddi, a suburb of Madaripur Sadar Upazila under Madaripur District, his father's name is Md Sohrab Khan and his mother's name is Mst Rokeya Begum. Currently living in the United Kingdom with his wife and daughter. This young expatriate in the UK gained wide recognition in the area as an IT expert at a young age. He Founded the IT company 'Easy & Rapid'. His name is one of the most successful Entrepreneurs, IT experts and Motivational Speakers.

We have exclusively interviewed IT entrepreneur Roni Khan for our readers and the interview is given below.

Reporter: Thank you for agreeing to this interview. What are you busy with these days?

Roni Khan: You are most welcome and thank you too. I'm going through an exciting time at Easy & Rapid. I'm primarily busy with two things. I'm building the business and also preparing for my next project. On the business side, I'm working on launching several new projects. My next project is an e-commerce website and providing internet services to my district Madaripur. The e-commerce website is now completed and I'm planning to lunch the e-commerce website on November 12, 2022. So you could say I'm busy with my business.

Reporter: You said you will launch your e-commerce website on November 12, 2022. What is your dream about your upcoming project and what is your plan for your e-commerce website?

Roni Khan: Yes I am going to launch my project on 12 November 2022. Because this day is a special day for me, so I fixed this day. I am very optimistic about my upcoming project. My upcoming project is my dream and people live on dreams, in that sense I am moving ahead with several plans to make my upcoming project a reality. My main dream is to create employment for the unemployed people of our society.

Reporter: You said November 12, 2022 is a special day for you. But why?

Roni Khan: I got married in 2012 to Sadia Uddin and after 4 years of our marriage, our only daughter was born on November 12, 2016 that's why this day is a special day for me.

Reporter: I know you have a cooperative society organization, how is your cooperative society organization?

Roni Khan: Yes, you are right. My cooperative society organization is progressing very well. More than a hundred people have already benefited socio-economically through this cooperative society organization and I have been able to create employment for many people.


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