HAM radio station on the moving train

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 | প্রকাশিত : ১০ সেপ্টেম্বর ২০১৮, ১০:৪৩

-CQ, CQ, CQ, This is S21TV calling, CQ.

- Roger that S21TV. Your signal quality is 59. This is S21CY, over.

-S21TV Calling S21CY. Your signal also getting 59, over.

-Go ahead S21TV, This is S21CY, over.

-Roger that S21CY, We started our journey to Dhaka from Khulna railway station by Sundarbad Express train and we installed a temporary Amateur Radio station in it at 8:30 local time. This is a drill on Radio communication in Disaster moment, over.

-S21CY to S21TV, Roger that. Your message has been copied. Congrats to your new approach, go ahead, over.

That was a conversation between two Ham operators. Where one person is in Khulna town and another person is on moving train to going to Dhaka by Sundarban Express train.

Joint organizing secretary of Amateur Radio Association of Bangladesh (ARAB), Anup Kumar Bhowmik introduced himself in above conversation as S21TV. 

He said, `Ham Radio or Amateur radio operators have call signals for everyone. My call sign Tango Victor We use this call sign to communicate with each other.'

When asked about the purpose of setting up a radio station on moving trains, he said, `You will be surprised if you know this, in Bangladesh, we first established a temporary ham radio station on the moving train. On the train we put antenna on the roof. We are trying to contact the remote ham station through a UHF radio. Meanwhile, we have established contact with the station 17 kilometers away. We have a primarily radio communication exercise. Organize this exercise to keep themselves ready during the disaster.'
He also said ARAB has organized such kind of drill in order to provide services by providing Ham radio communication to people for disaster relief. The series was organized in Khulna from 7th September 2018. As part of this, temporary radio station has been set up on the train today.

`As Bangladesh is a disaster prone area so practicing amateur radio is very essential to saving lives and resources of the people.' 

Said Shamsul Alam who has known as S21ED in this drill on running train to Dhakatimes.

How a Ham operator can serve to their country has been asked to Ham operator & Lecturer of Brac University  Samsul Kaonain (S21CN). He said, `During the disaster, all communications, including telecommunication were broken. Then amateur radio operators set up radio stations in a very short time to highlighting the actual picture of the disaster area’s damage to public and private companies and to other amateur radio operators of the country and abroad. The rescuers were then present in the area with necessary and accurate relief assistance. Thus, the Ham Radio operators are serving the people as the undeclared ambassador of the state.'

In this Radio Communication Drill on disaster, 20 Ham operators from different parts of the country took part. `Dhakatimes24.com' and `Weekly Ei Somoy' was the media partners of this drill program in Khulna.


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