Whom should we fear; Men or the Pandemic?

Afsana Islam Sania
 | প্রকাশিত : ২১ জুন ২০২০, ২২:২৩

Domestic violence is a pivotal social crisis in our society. It is happening clandestinely & visibly. Gradually it is being a crude social problem and now it is a clear picture to all strata of human society where domestic violence is being happened concretely and drastically. About 35% women worldwide have experienced either physical or sexual intimate partner’s violence in their lifetime. Almost 1 of 3 women have been experiencing domestic violence. Almost 38% of women murder case are globally committed by their male intimate partners.

Recently we have seen some horrendous injury pictures of domestic violence alongside the world. World media bears the testimony of those tortures and injuries. There we can see fourteen nos. of women and two nos. of children had been killed in first three weeks of lockdown in the UK. During the same period, the call ratios for domestic abuse at hotlines have been increased to 49%. Unlike UK, The USA and rest of the world have been also experiencing the same cases, the differences are in the ratios.

Lets think about what is being happened in Bangladesh. A bit earlier, the whole country was under lockdown and now it is made opened and at some cases lockdown are again executed for Red Zone declared areas. Everyone is confined to their houses. Men cannot go out, how they are reacting on their frustration. Have you ever thought about that? They are showing their anger on women may be their wives, daughter etc.

We saw the news that Bangladesh is on the highest ranking of gender equality in south Asia. (Sources:Gender gap report-2020) which is very pleasing for us and obviously worth of being proud of our country. Bangladesh redeemed its place from 91 to 50 from 2006-2020 among 153 countries. Studies says “Bangladesh is the only country where women are domineering highest power for the last 50 years”. We Must feel proud knowing this report.

We must know that the only dependable solution of covid -19 is social distancing that means the safest place for us is our own home. Are women safe in their own home? From every corner of Bangladesh oppression on women have been increased drastically. Data’s from women help desk, Court help desk, Upzilla Health Complex, Department of women affairs reports from March 08 to May 08, 2020 , women oppression complain were being aggravated in large numbers which were as 899 only in Bogura district,451 in Coxbazar,364 in Jamalpur,221 in Patuakhali. Let’s think about the situation of the rest of the country. These are the documented report, we already know that most of the cases never filed because fear of social shaming, life risk, financial crisis, cultural barrier, religious belief etc. Even in some cases are on early marriage where parents are marrying off their daughters during this period when almost all educational institution are on shutdown.

Why domestic violence rate worldwide increased dramatically during this pandemic. It may be the fear of after pandemic economic turmoil, fear of unemployment, or they are restraint from going out they don’t have any way of entertainment, they are beating women to entertain themselves. Are women a way of entertainment? Are they punching bag to bent on your frustration?

In 100,000 women 33,333 women are victim of domestic violence. On the other hand, in 100,000 covid -19 affected cases 230 women are died. So, what seems more dangerous for women? Men or Pandemic?

The USA & UK government and some women Aid Organization took some initiatives while Bangladesh government is worn-out appeasing covid-19 situation. It’s understandable that we are lack of resources we even don’t have time to glancing at our upcoming dilapidated & blurred economy while staying alive is our prime concern.

It is the high time when men women have to fight together for our disaster preparedness. Research shows after every pandemic world has to face economic and social catastrophe. If we don’t stop violence it will be harder for us to recover from this pandemic.

There is a big role of administration to alleviate this issue, victims should ask for help from the existing support of government and Aid organization. This is not only solution. We should look for sustainable solution. To all Men please respect women they are not your property so that you can use them the way you like. Women are just like you; they also feel pain. Please do respect women and create equal opportunity for them. Otherwise you male is more terrifying than this tiny virus.

(Relevant Sources: World Health Organization, The Scottish Sun News Paper, UK Research and innovation journal)

The Writer is a student of Anthropology, University of Dhaka.

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